Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Another version of our Sunday Special.  Around the Condo at least - it's another morning for nice snuggy jammies and a hot cup o joe!

Page 1.- The Week that Was-or Wasn't.  Again this week, the ever evolving transgender story seemed to take a back seat to the "polar vortex" which froze the eastern part of the country.  My understanding is this one came from Siberia.  One of the positives I guess is I learned a little better how Siberian women dress. 

Page 2.- One Person at a Time. I am nearly to the point where I have lost track of my counts of how many civilians I have come to know now. As we have talked about around here, when the world sees you interacting as just another individual in their world, doors open with most. The nice part is some want to do more than just know or like you-they want to embrace you. Over the years I have chatted with countless individuals who really need friends to reach out to. I don't know how long these "meet up" groups have been going on but if you are interested in finding "friends" or acquaintances, Google "Meet". and see if there are any groups in your area. Plus it is possible for you to even start one.  It's an excellent way for people to see you as more than a transgender person.

Page 3.- Transgender Vets. Seemingly every week I discover others who's stories very closely follow mine.  By now, most all of you know I am a transgender veteran, but not many know my first wife was also in the military. In fact, we met in Germany in 1974.  This week I discovered another military/trans couple after I read Marcia's blog.  She is a naval vet and her husband Angel served in the Coast Guard.  With all the coming out stories flooding all the media's, I just have to believe we are on the cusp of more and more trans vets coming out of their closets.  After all, the military is a well known place to attempt to "solve"-unsolvable gender issues.

Page 4.- Leelah Remembered. Fortunately, at least in her hometown and beyond Leelah Alcorn's tragic suicide continues to reverberate. More coming up in our next post!