Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Different Kind of Spirit?

As Connie so profoundly put it- "Yeah, Cyrsti, like you ever limit yourself to just two spirits!  *Hic" (In reference to my Native American 'Two Spirit' Cyrsti's Condo posts) Well, last night, timing was everything and Liz and I went to a gay and lesbian couple happy hour social mixer at a-Bourbon Bar (The Littlefield) in Cincinnati.  The idea is not so far fetched seeing as how Kentucky is across the river and does have some legal and illegal bourbon manufacturing in it's past.

I haven't done much bourbon/whiskey over the years after early abuse of it when I was young (compliments of my Dad's stash.)  But last night Connie, I did not limit myself! It was the first time I have ever been to a bourbon bar, so who would I have been to not partake?

The only other noteworthy part of the evening was I never did out myself to the other attendee's which were fairly evenly mixed between gay men and lesbians. The whole experience was totally liberating and the first of a kind for me.  Seeing both groups as an (almost) innocent observer was very different and all of these individuals were couples and some very long term.

The only problem was I am now invited with Liz to come to the next mixer which involves playing Trivia and Pictionary. I really dislike playing games like that, but organizers said at the least "I could come and drink."  Transgender or not, those first impressions are hell!

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