Monday, December 8, 2014

What Will the Neighbor's Say?

One topic I don't believe we have covered much at all here in Cyrsti's Condo is how most of us "made a break" for it past the nosy neighbors-when we were/are beginning to make the first steps out in the world to experience this "girl thing."

Looking back, I would do everything the smart way by going to neighboring larger cities and dressing there. But then play the odds of getting caught by venturing out in my home town. (60,000 population)  The more I found I felt increasingly natural in the feminine world-the more I threw caution to the wind. Actually, my "sneaking" around caused me untold suffering in my marriage when I was caught.

Years later, of course it's a different world for me now, but I still wonder on occasion, what the neighbors do think! My house I own and am trying to sell-changes out neighbors every six months, so I really don't care. Interestingly, there used to be a kid who lived down the alley who around Halloween made a point of going out of his way to speak to me.  I thought he may have had ulterior motives when one evening after school he showed up wearing a long blond wig.  Of course, a month later, he had moved.

More interestingly yet, has been the last year or so I have spent down at Liz's house.  For one, her neighbors do not move and have seen the various "shades" of me.  By "shades" I mean from total androgynous guy to transgender woman.  Bottom line is, I don't care what they think and Liz always "pronouns" me feminine when she speaks with them.

I know one has to reach a certain point in their transition to feel the same way I do and per norm I have paid my dues to get here-but- I'm fascinated at the number of experiences I read from other cross dressers or possible transgender women.  Yet another facet of our community which is unbelievably complex and diverse!   

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