Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not surprisingly, the Cyrsti's Condo post "Is Cross Dressing a Gateway Drug?" has brought in comments-and good ones!
I'm going to try to condense them in this post.
  1. This is along the lines of "it's just about the clothes" the only way to find out is to do it, but the big question has to be why we enjoy the clothes, is it simply because we want to experience the clothes at a more intimate level than just looking, or is it because it's the way we can experience womanhood. ~ we can only work that out for ourselves, and part of that working out process involves the cross dressing stage.
  2. I can relate to this topic very much Cyrsti and it is not an obvious distinction to make. In fact the person themselves does not know where they fit into the spectrum until much reflection has been made. Perhaps the best thing is to let much time go by before committing to anything and find your comfort level as you go. Once you reach it you know where you can stop. After all this process should be organic.

  3. Perhaps crossdressing is a gateway drug for some but not for others. I like being a CD. I can probably come up with a long list of things I like about being CD. I am also rather pleased with being a guy for the past 6+ decades and being happily married to a wonderful woman for the past 4+ decades. I know that there are multiple aspects to who I am, what I like, who do I relate with, how do I relate with them and how can I go about making the most of my situation and go about making life and experience with others bettter.
    I count myself as fortunate in that I can deal with my dressing and gender issues as being one part of who I am. I tend to try to avoid labeling myself and others since there are few labels that are one size fits all. Yes I am CD. Yes, I am a guy. I also work full time and have a work life and position that impacts many people.. I also drive a car and golf and occasionally ski. I do lots of things and try to think in terms of what I am doing rather than defining myself as what I may be.
Well, I couldn't write it better than these three ladies did! Thanks to all!  As always though, I am going to take this all another step in a future post.

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