Sunday, December 28, 2014

Don't Ask if you Don't Want to Know

It's time already to dump a couple boxes of color on my hair.  Obviously, at my age, keeping up with the gray is a big deal.  Liz and I are planning on staying with a version of my current color (dark/auburn) for the foreseeable future.  Per instructions, she likes me to "warsh" it (southern Ohio pronunciation) one night and she colors it the next night.

I knew my hair had quite a bit natural soft curl to it which I have had a tendency to flat iron or brush out.  Partly because of my first trips to a professional salon and partly I became enamored with it and partly I became lazy.

What also happens is I think sometimes I end up looking like an old hippie with his hair tied back.  NOT the effect I am looking for.

So, last night, I asked Liz "Riddle me this, what if I want to keep and even enhance the curls in my hair?" OMG! I got the answer and whole bunches of instructions Liz thinks I can follow or even remember.  She forgets in girl time, I am still a beginner and it wasn't sooo long ago I was styling my hair where I could see all of it- on a wig head.

All of the sudden, we started with mousse, proceeded to broad tooth combs, picks and finally (before my normal short term memory failure-failed) we went to how much, how often and other minutia. 

So, the plan is to roll out the curls on New Years Eve.  If I end up looking like a dark haired "Little Orphan Annie"-there will be no pictures! Guaranteed!

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