Thursday, December 11, 2014

A "Non Binary" Girl?

First time out crossdressing?I was involved in my normal "surfing" around on the web and happened across a person looking for a non-binary girl.  I thought maybe this younger peep had an interesting label he applied to men who actually are attracted to transgender or non binary women.

The poor "admirers" it seems, get no love from many.  Right or wrong, their advances are considered to be entirely sexual in nature and the man in question has to wrestle with the dark specter of him being gay.

Pretty simple, right?  Nothing ever is simple with a trans person.  I have a cross dressing friend who is fond of saying the true test of a trans/admirer relationship is when he is willing to take his trans woman friend home to meet his family.  That may be a little dramatic and more than a little scary to both parties but the idea sounds fairly true.

As you all know, I don't write about the "admirer" subject much here in Cyrsti's Condo but I know what a sensitive subject it is.  Like so many others, when I was starting to explore the feminine world, I craved the idea of having a man on my shoulder as a validation of who I was.  Looking at the overall generic population of women-don't they rely on the same feelings?

I also wonder too about the transgender women I read about who worry about ever finding a quality man-but don't generics worry about that too?  Welcome to the girl's sandbox girls!

If you are a "non binary" girl like I am, no matter where you stand in the relationship area, it's exceedingly tough process to "market" yourself to men who may be attracted to us.  Most dating sites don't provide spots for non binary gender folk at all.  I know when I was actively involved in finding friends on line, I had to balance the binary lines.  My only choices were a woman seeking a woman and a man seeking a man-or a woman.  Many weeks I would change my preference to see what would happen. I won't even comment on the so called transgender - transsexual only dating sites.

It did happen for me.  I met my partner Liz five years ago on an on line dating site, as well as my dear trans guy friend.  Along the way though, I did sort through tons of crazies or "romeo's" who wanted to know when I could meet them at a nearby motel.  No different I suppose than any generic.

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