Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Close Shave?

It seems the past couple of days here in Cyrsti's Condo, have been getting back to basics. Yesterday we touched on the subject of leaving the house presenting as your preferred gender.  I received a thoughtful comment on the subject through  Google Plus and Jennifer S saying a lot like me, she runs the gamut of genders on occasion.  One of the main objectives is not acting like anything is wrong of course.

Today, if you go back several posts to one of my "made up" scenarios, you will see yet another match of a picture of an unknown cross dresser on Pinterest to a possible circumstance. Many of the "Condo's" usual suspects made this one fun by adding comments. Here is a little secret on this post; I was in a hurry and only said the cross dresser in question was caught by surprise by his little sister, in his Mom's clothes.  Paula correctly noted that Mom must be hot with that wardrobe!  Then, surprise-surprise, came the leg comments as Mandy and I began to discuss if he had shaved his legs or not.

I for one, have been fascinated by the subject-period.  If you take womanless beauty pageants or Halloween for instance, shaved legs are a fairly decent way to separate the more serious woman wannabe's from the just having a good timers.

Sadly, I'm so old, I only remember  a few of the times in my life when I was able to shave my legs and wonder now how I got away with it. I wasn't cursed with tons of body hair, but what I had was very dark in color.  Like so many others, I became fairly good at hiding my leg hair with a combination of panty hose (which I hated).  After the first couple of layers, I felt like I was suiting up for football again.  Plus, when I could shave my legs, the electric sensation I felt was simply amazing.

Fast forward more years than I can remember and now shaving my legs has -yes-become part of my everyday life of what I do to maintain my feminine existence.  Plus, over the past several summers, most generics have simply gone "bare legged" in the warm months. That's OK too because even though I am far past my mini skirt days, the cool breeze on my legs under a long flowing skirt in the summer, makes the shaving process worth it. (And ooooooh so feminine!)

So again and again the fascinating part of being a "clod" (sorry! a clog) in the transgender/cross dressing community is-no matter where you find yourself today, may not be where you may be tomorrow. If you take me and my panty hose saga for example; years ago I used hose to cover leg hair and hold up my hip/butt pads.  Now, they are simply part of my fashion/style I simply don't use much until the cooler months when I wear tights and leggings.

None of it makes anyone right or wrong, except I do think almost everyone agrees, guys do have the potential to have classically beautiful feminine legs.  Just don't tell them!

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