Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wassssuppp! Doc?

I had my semi annual Doc's visit a couple days ago, and in many ways,  the check up was a wonderful beginning to my Thanksgiving.
Everything was fine. No sign of pre diabetes they checked for, all blood work cool-so-we could get to the "important stuff" - like getting my HRT meds renewed.

No problems again.  Whether a few generics like it or not-we do share certain potential problems with them such as an increased chance of blood clots and breast cancer. When we (as my Doc said) increase our estrogen and decrease our testosterone. Perhaps you remember, I went through two mammograms and know full well the risks of going off the deep end and taking too much estrogen. I can't stress enough how having a physician monitor your HRT is a big deal.  What you may consider too much of a good thing-can kill you! HRT alone will not give you those "DD's" breasts of your dreams.

Perhaps the most interesting part of my visits are with the rest of the staff in the small VA Clinic I go to. Yes, the same Veterans Administration which has gotten so much deserved bad press. I have never much of a problem with the Dayton, Ohio hospital of which my clinic is part of and as a matter of fact the former director here was sent out west to try to clean that mess up. Plus, with me, Momma Karma has stepped in with a little extra "smootch" as my Doc has a young transgender niece in the Chicago area! It's a small world.

I do have a couple of nurses I interact with on a regular basis, who at the least know of my medication therapy.  Almost the first question out of one of them this time was "did you change your hair color?" So being an exceedingly rare "one of those" (transgender woman) is a giant elephant in the room. An elephant which is always treated with respect.

It's no secret, without our health we are nothing.  So far so good with mine and I cherish it!  Well, almost. I'm not out running up and down hills everyday!

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