Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

"Ker Plunk!!!" another Condo "Sunday Edition" has hit your virtual front porch!  Get your hot "Cup o Joe" ready and let's get started:
Page 1.- The Week that Was-or Wasn't?  The week past saw us discussing a "self professed" life long cross dresser bemoaning the fact we all are delusional fanatics who live in our mirrors and will never look like a generic woman.  It was quite the rant!  In sort of a reverse order only we dyslexics can embrace, I wrote an exceeding rare post on the mechanics (so to speak) on how I go about my personal feminine style and fashion.  Later today, I am going to add to it a link looking at how transgender or cross dressers are faring today in four of the major women's apparel outlets. 
Page 2.- The Polar Plunge and the Gender Flux?  Last week in much of the country, winter tore in to us and tossed any ideas of a gentle return into the ditch.  For me it meant a bit more "flux" back to my male being.  I needed his help (what's left of him) to assist moving a couple heavy vintage furniture pieces out of my old house before I list it for sale. I found out quite literally how the combination of my age and HRT has robbed me of a tremendous amount of any of the male upper body strength I used to possess.  It's a very simple deal-the decrease in size and definition of my biceps (which have given me the ability to wear sleeveless tops) equals a decrease in strength.  DUH! The problem I have is though, under bulky flannel shirts, jeans and an old Army ball cap, the perception the public still has is I still should have at least a little strength with my bulk.
Page 3.- What's Up Doc?   Coming up Tuesday, I am scheduled for my semi annual visit to my primary care physician.  To prepare, I had to fast on a diet of water for 12 hours or so and visit the vampires and provide a "sampling" of my blood.  One of the unfortunate traits I learned from my Mom, was the fine art of being a hypochondriac. So, when the vampire nurse asked me if I was diabetic, I said no, at least not that I knew of.  Then I began to worry if I was, would it have any thing to do with my hormone replacement therapy meds?  My partner Liz, knowing me too well, said no offense, they check people your age for diabetes anyhow.  Gee thanks!
Page 4.- The Back Page. As Mom always said, "Life is like a roll of toilet paper-the closer to the end it gets-the faster it goes!" This past week zoomed by too and now Thanksgiving week festivities are again almost upon us.  I know the holidays present a unique time (and not always a pleasant one) for many in our community. Here's hoping you are looking forward to a fun, loving and festive one! Thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo.

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