Frock MagazineNo, fellow party girls, not crocked- Frock (as in the magazine).  Have you ever heard of it?  If you haven't, you should because it is quite the publication put together by Editor Katie Glover.  I like Frock because of the way Katie has been able to cover our very diverse community.  In Katie's own words:

Frock Magazine is your free drag and transgender related bi-monthly, for drag queens, transsexuals, transvestites, crossdressers and transgender people everywhere, full of features and articles about well known members of the transgender community, crossdressing clothes and clothing guides, make-up tutorials, transgender related movie and book reviews, trans-activism, news and fiction

In addition, you can count on colorful, classy pictures and you can view the whole magazine on line free or purchase it for your very own!

Oh yes, while you are there check out my article on page 52! "Frock of Ages" (Follow the link above!)

And yes sillies, I always read Frock before I was humbled and flattered to be chosen to write for it!