Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Good morning kids!  Ker Plunk! It's time for another Sunday Edition here in the Condo and on your virtual front porch.  Settle in for a hot "cup o joe."

Page One.- The Week that was-Or wasn't.  I consider myself fairly used to what goes on around the Condo, but last week, we posted a couple ideas on breasts which positively set records on the number of hits I have ever received and several wonderful comments as well.  Certainly, I had no ground breaking ideas on breast worship.  Essentially, no matter how we identify as transgender or cross dressers-we can "adjust" the size of our breasts.  No different as any of the "tricks" genetic women have used forever.  My most recent example came not long ago when my partner Liz mentioned I needed a different kind of bra which would bring my new breast tissue which extends to under my arms forward and fills my natural cup size (C).  Making the most of what I have.

We went on to have quite the conversation of her memories of shopping with her Mom for her first bra and how essentially embarrassing it was.  Similar to so many feminine rights of passage all of us know very little about, the gender "grass" is not always greener on the other side.

Page Two.- My "Goat" Last week, we also made the jump from breasts to facial hair.  No secret, beard coverage is a huge step to effectively presenting ourselves as women.  If you go on YouTube at all, there are tons of ideas of how to do it for cross dressers or drag queens.  Of course for more permanent results, we must go the route of laser or electrolysis. As I said, due to financial constraints and a relatively manageable beard-I had to put hair removal on the "back burner".  But, where I am at now- is waking up to an increasingly feminized body and a scratchy chin...Ukk!  Liz and I are "shopping" increasingly for a professional to begin the process.

As far as the "goat" comment, J.Alana asked:  "Nice blue eyes Cyrsti. I hadn't seen this picture. Maybe you can clue me in on why you were growing it out."

(The picture she is referring to is actually on the blog!)  Actually, the "Goatee" story is an extremely sad, embarrassing and uplifting experience all wrapped together in one two year period of my life and I promise a post about it by tomorrow at the latest.  Thanks for the eye compliment J. Alana!  I commonly referred to as having a green/hazel eye color mix.  I do know though they have been known to pick up the environment around me-or according to Liz- emotions.  I am just happy I can see out of them!

The "real" Elvira (left) and the "drag version"
Page Three.- Halloween   Octtober is nearly here, and with it Halloween.  I'm happy because I don't have to worry about  having experiences to pass along!  Seriously, as easy as Halloween looks, it is far from easy for most of us.  I know early in my life, I was paranoid about dressing as a girl at all.  Someone at a party may learn of my "dreaded" cross dressing secret.  Later on, I progressed to a "Ha Ha" look at me dressed as a woman for Halloween.   One year I responded to a comment from two genetic women friends who said, "Wow, you make a good looking woman!" I could only say thanks, but a lot of good it does me." (what the hell did that mean to them?) Finally, as I accepted I was transgender, Halloween became nearly mundane. In October, we will chat about why it has nearly come full circle.

The Back Page.- It must be time to wrap up this "Sunday Edition"- Liz's big fuzzy black cat is staring at me and is threatening to walk across the keyboard.  As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by Cyrsti's Condo!  Your visits make it all worthwhile!

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