Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Buying A "Girl's" Car

As always is the case, when I think I have a little bit of extra money set aside for whatever, whatever came down quickly in the form of needing a different car.

I ended up buying a used hatchback which I know I have way too much expectations of.  The one thing I do know about it is-it looks like a girl's car.  You may ask, Cyrsti, how do you define a "girl's car?"

The extreme example is on the left and while my car is a far cry from that, it's also not a diesel full sized pick up truck either.

I have grown used to buying "girl's cars'" I guess.  Back in the 70's when I got out of the Army, I brought an VW Beetle (not pink) back from Germany where I was stationed.  But those were the hippie days and no one called it a "girl's car".

Surprisingly to me, after I drove a series of pick up trucks and SUV's, my next "girl's car"  was a Porsche Boxster I bought when I had money.  All the time, I thought it was a "mid life crisis man's car" until I was told by one of my nephews it was a "girl's car."

By the time I had to get rid of the Boxster, I was loosing everything and I was only concerned with a vehicle which started, had storage space and was "winter" worthy.  I found a small SUV, drove it to work and someone asked "who was driving the girl's car?"

I suppose I should be complimented, right?  Yes I was driving a girls car...because...just because.

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