Friday, August 1, 2014


Tomorrow is yet another day which I call "Trans vergence" - my partner Liz and I are heading across town to meet my deceased wife's sister - Missy.

No "male drag" this time- just us.

Is there a big deal? Yes.  Of course there is some sort of shock wave when a person who has known you only in one gender, sees you for the first time in another. So, that is yes- it is a big deal. Plus, in the slim chance she doesn't accept who I am-it's a big deal because I have no problem with leaving her behind in my life.

Sure, I may seem like a total bitch ( and I do allow grace periods for my transition to sink in) but I am not now and never were the person they interacted with.

The other dynamic to consider is Liz herself.  When she is with me, she opens doors with other people I don't think she ever realizes.  In other words, her complete acceptance of me as a transgender woman shows others the path to follow.

Ironically, the true dynamic will probably be how nervous Missy will be to meet Liz at all.  As I have written here in the Condo, I have a couple other ex's involved relatively closely with all of this tomorrow, although one is in an urn on a shelf.  The other still lives about six blocks down the street (she won't be there.)

At the least, Missy didn't ask me why she "was the last to know" like my daughter did.

The one consistent to all of this is, all of them being women, they just can't wait to see what Liz is all about - and vice versa. I can't say, sometimes it's not interesting  to watch them!

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