Friday, August 15, 2014

"Itty Bitty" World Comment

I loved this comment from J.AlanaS on the Cyrsti's Condo "Itty Bitty World" post:

I had a friend from grade school, who wanted us both to be on the cheer squad. When he suggested this, all I could think about was hoping we could wear the cheer skirts and pom-poms. So I said yes, but we were denied by the school board. Only a few short years later we moved away, then one day he contacted me via snail mail. I let that slip, but after Stana's post thought I'd try FB one more time, and there he was. He was the second from the youngest with all sisters, and always was the girls best friend, and mine too.

Indeed most of us knew "one of the boys" who was more "one of the girls".  Back in the day though, it was assumed all of them were gay although other things may have been going on.

Looking back, I grew up with the same kids who went to the same school-kindergarten through the 9th grade.  Our class size was 100 at the most. It wasn't until I moved on to a much bigger high school in the 10th grade I heard "rumors" about certain other boys.  So, I was very fortunate to have encountered another boy before that (at my age) at all who may have harbored any of the same gender dysphoria I was experiencing.

It's too bad, the school board wouldn't let you two on the "cheer squad!"  I understand.  Around here when I was growing up, there weren't even (and still aren't) any womanless pageants a prospective cross dresser could "play with".  Even though they are great fund raisers.

Where I live, If a young transgender person today was attempting to participate in a school function as their chosen gender and it was allowed with out a fight- I would feel the ground getting real cold -because hell was freezing over.

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