Monday, August 11, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "T-Shirt of the Day"

Saturday, as I was helping my former sister in law with her yard sale (selling her stuff!) I was butching it up and was wearing an old Cincinnati Bengals T Shirt which did a reasonable job of covering the girls.  I'm almost to the point of asking my trans man friend who just underwent "top surgery" for some "tips for tits"- sorry!

As we were going through the house looking for "treasures" to sell, I ran across her Dad's "ball hat" collection and found one which matched my T-shirt kind of. At the least, I wanted to be color coordinated!   He has been deceased for years and years and I don't think minded that I wore one. (Can't take it with you.)

In addition, my partner Liz and her 16 year old son were helping and I told them to don't worry about mis pronouncing me as he and call me Cyrsti- even in front of the crazy stoned old lady from across the street.

After a while...I told Liz, I need a T-Shirt for times such as Saturday which simply says..."In Drag!"

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