Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tow Me Baby!

Well, I'm certainly glad I haven't been the only one of us here in Cyrsti's Condo to be at the mercy of a broken down car and whomever.
I'm going to pass along this experience (and the link for more of it) from Paula, then one from Pat who experiences make her one turn away from being where I am now.

First Paula:

"I showered, shaved, and got myself presentable.   I had a solitary pair of trousers with me and this was the day I wore them, however as they are black slacks with a high waist and no pockets they are obviously fem, especially when coupled with fishnets, court shoes and a black satin blouse, my grey M & S jacket finished off this outfit nicely.   Though I say it myself I thought this was quite a classy look, just the little bit of the fishnets showing on the top of the foot and the odd glimpse of ankle, really making it a little bit special (dare I say sexy), rather than all plan black and grey.
After a good breakfast I was all set.   Unfortunately this was Gloria’s cue for a sulk.   All loaded up and ready to go, apart from a flat battery!   One of the hotel staff tried to give us a jump start but we could just not get enough power across to start the van engine ( a big old diesel can take quite a bit to get it going).   So they called a local garage to come to my help.   I was all packed away and the room had been cleared so the staff invited me to wait in the restaurant area, where the breakfast buffet was still laid out, after a couple of pints of coffee the truck eventually arrived.
I think they were probably pretty quick but when you are waiting these things always seem to take ages, add to that a certain nervousness about dealing with mechanics and garage staff in a language I am uncertain of dressed as was.   I have to say that the chap who came was fine, we just about managed to communicate, and the staff at the garage did there best.   At all times I was addressed either as Madam, or after they had checked the log book etc. as MadamG*&#$%n"

It seems Paula has an affinity for breaking down and in France and "French Loo's" go here to read more:

"On another occasion Gloria broke down in France, that was a lot more complicated full story here"

We will get to Pat in the next post, after all she has broken down and isn't going anywhere!!!

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