Saturday, July 26, 2014

Picking Up Pat!

As promised in our last Cyrsti's Condo post, we were going to visit Pat's "roadside" breakdown:

 I have two events to relate

About a dozen years ago I was on a business trip that involved a 7 hour car ride through the middle of nowhere. I spent a night at a motel and took to the road in the AM wearing a brown skirt, black tank top, hose, heels, wig and makeup. About an hour down the road the car lost power and I saw black smoke billowing from my tail pipe. While the car was still coasting to a stop I stripped the wig, grabbed some slacks and tossed a shirt on top of my bra and tank. I did get a tow to a gas station on the other side of the middle of nowhere in a town with one gas station, one general store and two feed and grain shops, and while Gomer and Guber puttered about there were several other patrons (mostly women) waiting for their cars. I was very conscious of the outline of my bra and tank top and knew that the skirt under my slacks had to look odd and the hose clad ankles could be seen between by pant cuffs and shoes. It was an uncomfortable experience.

About 4-5 years ago I had dressed in a short coral lace dress, hose, heels, etc. and went for the first time to an LGBT bar. I had a few and was pulled over by a cop. Dressed as I was and having had a few adult beverages I chose to just sit, be polite and accept a ticket for speeding at 41 in a 30 MPH zone. Normally I would have had quite a bit to say about getting a ticket for 41 MPH.

As I said Pat, except for a couple different turns along the road (if our vehicles broke down or not) perhaps you would have found yourself on a HRT regimen too.  Mind you, I'm not saying that makes either of us better.

I'm sure we have many other readers here in the Condo, who have had similar experiences on the road and "back in the day" perhaps thought their car was "safe haven" to explore the world and their femininity. 

More on the idea in the next post!

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