Friday, June 20, 2014

Mo Hooters?

He did a great job on his makeup.I did search all over the place for extra cross dresser "Hooter" girls the other day and of course I'm finding them now when I'm not looking.

If you don't know, the "Hooter's" chain is renown for it's server "uniform's" and even over the years have been challenged by men to work there- I think as guys. You can bet though, as in any occupation which demands attractive women for it's work force, there have to be more than a few embedded stealth transgender women. For years, the most beautiful blond stripper in Dayton, Ohio was heavily rumored to have been trans.  By those who would know.

Going to a Halloween party as a "Hooter Girl" would be as similar to going as a cheerleader as you can get...only more fun. You don't have to worry about heels wrecking your feet all night long and shake your booty in your tennis shoes!  (No I haven't done it, all though years ago I did quickly shop for a top in one of their units and couldn't find a size.)

I haven't been to one of their "testosterone" injected environments for years but "back in the day" you could buy much of their uniform sets in the stores...or on line.

Don't know if you still can...but "Stephanie" (above) probably does!

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