It's Never Easy

My friends just love to call me cheap and easy but I know most of the time one doesn't apply-I think?

By the time I finished my second mammogram today, I ruled both of them out.

First of all, the good news.  After getting told my breasts were dense (like my noggin), I was told this time the procedure was going to be a "bit" more painful.  The nurse put the pressure on - and yes, I got crushed. But it was worth it because I was given a clean bill of health and sent on my way. With no ultra sound!

Those of you who haven't been through any HRT (like I used to be) believe me, any extra pressure to your breasts can be painful.

Today was my second time around with the same nurse and she was very cool about the whole procedure. On the first go around of course I was very sensitive about the size of my breasts to start with-not to mention having to "bare it all" to her.  She put me at ease by saying I would be surprised by the women she see's who have "less than me."

When I went today, she said "take your top and bra off."  I said "what if I wasn't wearing one?  She said no problem, a lot of women don't.  Quite frankly, in this hot humid weather, having enough breast development to show but not enough to wear a bra isn't such a bad deal.

So, that is pretty much how this episode of doing this gender transition thing went down.

Like the great philosopher "Randy Macho-man Savage" said, "If it ain't tough, it ain't worth it."-or did he?