Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Of course, as soon as I begin to celebrate the diversity and acceptance of the weekend, as it always does, a touch of reality comes through.

This morning, I simply through on a pair of guy jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes to do two errands before the day headed any further into the forecasted heat and humidity.  Pretty much what you saw in my last two pictures is what you get from me now anyway. Plus, an increasingly well defined set of women's breasts.

The only difference is how I do my hair, foundation, eye shadow and lip gloss in full girl mode.  I should say "what's left" of my foundation after humidity. I do think what is then left of my foundation sort of works it way into my face and around any beard growth- so all is good.  So, I'm lucky HRT is working it's skin wonders on my hair and skin or not so lucky as I felt this morning.

I stopped to pickup an iced coffee and gas.  As I was pumping my gas, I had this deep quick feeling something was wrong.  I looked up and saw this pin head-skin headed red neck literally hanging out the back of a tree service truck glaring at me.  I mean really glaring at me to the point I was scared.  At that point I did the only things I could, like pumping the rest of my gas-making a big deal out of my dog and getting the hell out of there.

I didn't take long to feel again how the "other half" lives.

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