Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Don't I Know You?

This is finally the blog post I promised all of you here in Cyrsti's Condo about my surprise meeting Saturday with an old friend I hadn't seen for awhile.  It's a classic cross dressing story with a transgender finish.

To briefly catch all of you up, my grand daughter's bat mitzfah was Saturday and for a couple of reasons I decided to cross dress as a guy. Over 100 people attended including a small contingent of my brothers family.  I am in one of those places with them where they know-but they don't- I'm trans.   

My partner Liz and I were sitting under a big tree with them eating after the ceremony when a 20 something woman drifts by and gets every adult person's attention.  My 12 year old  grand daughter had declared the "dress code" for the day to be "island chic" and this woman had no problems with the concept.  All she wore basically, was a matching halter top, Capri pants-and her tattoos.  You know how it works, the genetic women were staring her down for a totally different reason than the men. Then, there was Liz and I.  Liz is a lesbian, artist and has a few "tats" of her own.  She had her own reasons of "acting" like she wasn't looking. Of course I just wanted to look like her.

As I did take a closer look though, she was looking back at me and a split second later, she stopped quickly and came over to Liz and I.  Of all people, I have known her for nearly five years now and she is the one who introduced me to her lesbian Mom, who I am still good friends with.  The classic part of the chance meeting was she had only ever met my old male self years ago once.   Even back then I hated for that to happen. I presented as only feminine to my new group of friends and since I had not transitioned yet, male to my old world.

Saturday, I said her name and she was good-real good-she stayed with my male pronouns and began to use my male name-when I told it to her. Needless to say, Liz, myself and the woman were in a little shock (for the obvious) but also, my family was wondering how I knew this exotic woman at all?

The meeting made for a classic gender comedy, as a little later we all got out of ear shot of my family and were able to talk.  After a while, my daughter was able to join in. She had only met her once.  The three of us had quite the chat about the irony of the afternoon and how two of them were able to very admirably mis-pronoun me as "he" when I wanted them to.  To put a little icing on the cake, as we were having the chat just outside of the restroom complex in the park we were in, a guy came out of the men's room and said he was sorry he had to interrupt our "women talk." The whole conversation I think was good for my daughter who of course knows of my feminine life but had never had the chance to connect any dots.

If you want to talk about a day which completely reminded of the MtF gender transition path  I have taken- Saturday was it.

Oh, by the way, the woman's Mom is the one who took me along to a NFL Monday Night Football game and she has never seen me cross dressed as a guy.  Which is the way I plan to keep it.

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