Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "What If"

I know "back in the day" I used to see quite a few transvestites all dolled up in their "Hooter's" gear and ready to serve.  I have to say, more than a few did a respectable job with their "uniform's".  These days I don't see as many and that could be I'm not looking as hard-don't know.  But I did find one-sort of:

Allow me to preface this "what if" by saying none of these comments on the picture are from me and as always - I don't know if the person in the picture is a cross dresser, or a genetic girl.

I would add these comments though:  "Honey if I did get the job, what if I had to wait on my old drinking buddies?"
And the best one of all:  "If I do this honey, you know I get to keep all my tips!" Then, I can save for a boob job and call them "Tips for Tits!" (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

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