Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keeping "A-Breast of the Situation"

I mentioned to my primary care physician during my last visit a couple weeks ago, the possibility of me needing a mammogram.

I had two reasons. The first was I have started to build some significant breast tissue I have had for a while and second-my maternal grand mother passed away in her 50's years ago from breast cancer.  He said he would do some research and make sure a specialist got back a hold of me with more information.

She did yesterday and I find out today what they think.  I wish I could record the call and pass it along to all of you.  The nurse did a masterful job of never quite saying exactly what the call was all about while at the same time giving me all the information.  The reason being, my gender markers are not changed at the VA where I get my care-she knew I was transgender and was leaving a message.  She knew I knew it but never really said it! Class.

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