We Got Mail!

I have bunches of responses from many of you to get to!  Thanks!

First of all, a touch of politics from our Gender Proud post from Pat:

I wonder if Geena's group 'Gender Proud' will be confused with GOProud (www.goproud.org) which is a group that I follow. GOProud was formed after the 2008 election. I also follow the much older and established Log Cabin Republicans (www.logcabin.org). 

While these groups support many causes and do what they can to push their political positions forward their primary goal is to promote the LG causes from a position of conservative libertarian inclusiveness. While most of the participation is from LG Republicans and I would like to see more participation from T folks I believe that both groups would be more than accepting of T people. You should check them out to see who are the active movers in these groups and who have worked with them.

An interesting point.  Any more Pat, I think it's a shame too many people dismiss one or the other of the major political parties out of hand-without looking a little deeper.

Jennifer commented on our "In the Company of Women" post and my "ring selfie":

Thank you for sharing. I love the rings. I myself follow nature in my spiritual journey. It feels right to me. I am glad your exploring this. Be blessed and keep the positive thoughts flowing.

Thanks Jennifer!  As I have pointed out, I have such a long way to go with yet another journey but indeed this one feels right. In my part of the world too, I'm trying to experience more how the native American people related to the earth. Allow me to send some positive thoughts back your way!

Speaking of relating to the earth, I know Paula is a serious gardener and sent along the hint that raking is a good way to tighten the tummy muscles...and riding a motorcycle on a cold wet day isn't the top way to travel. From what I gathered about the UK weather recently, you have had your share of rain and other folks share too.  Finally, thanks Paula for your compliment on the new blog design!

Terrance, a transgender Navy man of color,  commented how much he loved our transgender military service member quote:  I Fought for your right to Hate Me!"  Terrance, as much as I dislike using the "hate" word, I'm thinking of getting the slogan put on a T-Shirt for a few of the pride events this summer. Thanks for checking in!

There is one more comment to get to and I am going to save it back for a future post.


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