Seasonal Maintenance

Years ago,  one of my women customers at a venue I ran provided me a quote I never forgot. One day she said to another girl at the bar,  "Women are the high maintenance gender."   As I'm pulling out my wardrobe from last spring and summer, I'm learning yet again what high maintenance really means and yes it's time for that four letter word I never had to pay attention to- diet. 

As far as size goes, the best quote I can come up with comes from the transgender character in the movie Better than Chocolate.  In one scene she (the trans woman) tells a friend, she is not big-she is enormous.  I know the definition of enormous is tough because women are getting bigger and in fact I have one friend who is every bit as big as me.  None of that matters though, since I feel this way.  What does matter is what I plan on doing about it.

First of all, I had to take a serious look at where I'm gaining the weight.  The good news is the gain is not excessive and is where I wanted it- around my hips. The bad news is I'm still carrying too much weight in my belly area.  My problem is too, I have never been a fan of body shapers, preferring the feel of the fabrics on my skin. (Except panty hose in the summer.)

Another bit of good news is my lower back is feeling better along with her cousin Art (arthritis), so lots of outside yard work will be a positive for my belly.

So you see kids, I have all sorts of maintenance issues coming up and what I have told you so far doesn't cover them all. I have a very fair HRT effected skin which burns very easily, so I have to be very careful with what lotions I wear.  I found that out the hard and painful way last summer. Plus I have to watch what I wear to make sure I don't develop unsightly tan lines but I DON'T think I will be out in the back yard mowing the grass in a bikini any time soon!

Well, it's lunch time and I'm staring at a salad that even the dog doesn't want.   Who needs that stinkin ol burger and fries?