New Spring Look in Cyrsti's Condo

It was way past time for an update around here and a brighter look for Spring.

Of course, there is just a bit more to it. Or quite a bit. Three factors went into the change: personality, evolution and even "Hey! That Sux!" .

Change is not as easy for me as most would think. I'm constantly amazed by my willingness to resist change in certain areas of my life, while in others, change is my life.  First of all, my techno savvy friends had to assure me that a simple new "template"  from Blogger wouldn't destroy Cyrsti's Condo. Just like my old pair of favorite jeans, I was hanging to the old blog template for dear life!

On the other hand, Spring has meant a lot to me this year.  Following the winter we suffered through around here, the annual rebirth of nature feels a little more special this year. Couple that with the fact my body has finally had the chance to settle into the same HRT dosage for well over a year now. Brain and body are having the opportunity to sync up.

Primarily though, I hope you all liked the changes.


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