My Hero!

I have mentioned numerous times of my accepting daughter and her family here in Cyrsti's Condo. I have three grand kids, a 12 year old girl , 9 year old grandson and a 7 year old grandson.  She has told the two oldest kids abut me, but they have never seen anything other my androgynous changes.

My daughter and I do breakfast every couple of weeks and this morning she told me how the oldest grandson said to her, since he found out I was gay, I was his hero.  Well of course, that's all well and good-but it's not true.  My daughter said your grandpa is not gay but is transgender.  He didn't have any idea what trans is all about.  Gay was an easier concept to grasp because his 4th teacher was/is a very out gay man.  My daughter though, waded in and tried to give him an explanation of what transgender was all about in the short time before he had to get on the bus.  His last words on the subject were "that's all very confusing!"

The interesting part will be if I still will maintain my "hero" status?


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