Would You-If you Could?

The past couple of days, I've been as sick as a kitty who ate a rotten mouse, so I've refrained from doing anything much on line as I have a tendency to become rather "snarky" with the world.

Today though, I did get bored enough that I climbed out of my death bed and to my computer...priorities-right? Who says blogging doesn't become a lifestyle?

Makeover Example
This morning by accident I ran across one of the many quality MtF cross dresser makeover services.  This one just happened to be across the pond in the UK and is called The Makeover Room .  Over the years, I've known several individuals who have taken advantage of similar services. Depending on your reason's for going, the results can be fabulous

My example from several years ago, had nothing to do with me but involved a couple other cross dressers I know.  One of them went to a makeover specialist and ended up with a positively knock out set of pictures. So good as a matter of fact, the other CD ended up putting up one of the pictures on his gym locker where he played tennis and golf.  No one ever knew and in fact wondered if the "woman" in the picture was his mistress.  I certainly can't document it, but I just have to believe that somewhere/sometime there has been a guy who has put a picture of his "sister" up in his office somewhere- who of course was him.

As with so many of the other layers of the cross dressing community, from simply wearing panties at work, to shopping at the mall-the culture of makeover pictures fascinate me.  On one hand I wonder if becoming the "feminine person in the picture" becomes a priority until one just decides to be her. Or, is the person in the picture good enough?  Not unlike the first time participant in a womanless beauty pageant who happens to look great.  Does he want to go back to the well for another drink?

As a point of reference, the cross dresser I knew with the "hot" pictures never had the where withal or desire to live as a woman at all. He would have a tough time presenting as a woman in public. Instead, for the longest time, he had a very active Flickr account (and always looked sexy) until recently he disappeared.  I just think all the different aspects of how gender plays in our minds is just fascinating.  Including one person I know who corresponded back and forth for years as a genetic woman with a cis guy who never knew.  I always told him, how did he know the guy he was chatting with wasn't a woman?

At times like that, the old lines of communication don't seem so bad. Until,  I remembered adding just a touch of my perfume to letters I was writing to a man "back in the day" ( He did know I was a cross dresser.)  I also remember wondering what would have happened if my wife would have caught me doing it or his wife getting the letter before he did?

One benefit of age is, you can gloss over the spots of your life you weren't really proud of or think, just what the hell was I thinking?  Most of the time, I would have-if I could-and did.


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