Why We Will Succeed!

This morning I came across a couple stories which counter balanced the ignorance, hate and even violence we sustain as transgender women and men.

Roland with his wife and daughter Maddi on the set of Insight.The first comes from a top women's site in Australia called Daily Life called "Transitioning our son to a daughter."

The three on the left, Roland, Maddi and Maddi’s mother Beck were guests on SBS's One's Insight program which looked at the increase of young people presenting as transgender. Insight speaks with children and their families, asking how parents can be sure whether their child is transgender and how they chose to deal with it. As we know, in most cases it is not the other kids who provide problems for their transgender peers, it is the parents who cause the friction.  The more parents who have an understanding of trans kids, the better!

28/10/11 Cambridge Cllr Sarah Brown Picture by Richard Patterson.In the UK, a transgender city councilor turned down a spot on the British version of the TV "reality" show Big Brother, for all the right reasons:

From the The Cambridge News:

A Councillor has turned down the chance to appear on reality television show Big Brother – arguing it would not help her campaign for gender equality. Cllr Sarah Brown (left), who represents Petersfield on Cambridge City Council, is the UK’s only ‘out’ transgender politician and was approached by a casting agency to see if she wanted to appear on the Channel 5 game show. But the Liberal Democrat, the council’s executive member community wellbeing, said she didn’t think it would have been good for her, the transgender community or the people of Cambridge. She told the News: “I didn’t think it would be good way to address trans issues. 

And finally, out and out COURAGE: Marsha Bast (below) the Russian transgender attorney who has announced her bid for the Russian presidency in 2018.

Somehow all of this makes the day so much brighter!