Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Morning" Edition

"Ker Plunk!" Good morning all and welcome to yet another weekend edition.

Page 1.- The Week in Review.  The week produced no major over riding transgender national stories.  Unfortunately national and international tragedies captured the headlines and attentions of the world. My heart goes out to all of the families.
Around the Condo, we were locally focused.  Our Location, Location, Location post focused on the transphobic problems our transgender sisters have in rural America.I saw a rural transgender woman speak at a TransOhio community meeting a week or so ago and came away with the feeling I was so fortunate to be in the situation I am.  I was taking it for granted I even had the resources to attend the TransOhio Meetings I do.  Many rural trans women live in isolated transphobic pockets and for the most part are forgotten in blogs such as mine.  If you have a experiences pass them along and I promise to share them.

Page 2.- Jan Hamilton's Story.  I noted the documentary detailing the life of the transgender elite British parachute regiment soldier Jan Hamilton. When the "ultra" macho guys come out and explain their stories to the world, so many ordinary peeps are exposed to what our lives are like and the torment we suffer.  All of the sudden, extremely high suicide rates in the trans community don't seem so "far fetched".

Page 3.- Potpourri.- This week, I didn't feel well all week and I'm sure it showed here in the Condo.  We talked briefly about subjects such as reincarnation,   Regular contributor Pat commented on the Hindu religious belief in reincarnation among others.  As I said, it's a concept I don't believe in-or not believe in. Removing all the facts and fictions which surround the concept of reincarnation,  I used to wonder how much past lives had to do with me being a transgender person today.  Unfortunately, I went from there to the "I was crazy" misconception accepted by the psychiatric community.

Page 4.- The Back Page.-After an exceptionally wet and windy day yesterday, I considered the "beating" my hair was going through but this time- from a different angle-the rear.  "Oh no! What did the back of my head look like?" Then, I began to compare the back of my head to the dark side of the moon. You assume it's there but you never see it.  The problem  now is, I have to see it and take care of it. Yet another milestone in my trans journey. For better or worse now, I can't see all of my hair in one place in front of me and style it!

Well kids, that's it for this week! As always I take this moment to send a bit of positive energy your way and thank you all for stopping by the Condo!


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