Cyrsti's Condo "Beauty Break"

Every once in a while, I love to pass along what experts think of our passions such as make up.  From day one as cross dressers or transgender women, we foraged through Mom's or sister's make up - fascinated and confused.

This week I found a look at mascara - a very important part of my eye makeup routine.  As my skin is finally beginning to recover from the beating winter gave it and my old gray beard requires a lighter shave to cover, my eyes and lips take on an extra importance.

This comes from Yahoo: If there's one beauty product we can't live without, it's mascara. It brightens, opens up the eye and, frankly, makes us all look way more pulled together. But with 192 million types of mascaras at stores, picking one is like a massive game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo. Wand size, shape, texture - the choices are endless. To help keep your eyes on the prize and your lashes reaping the benefits, pay most attention to the type of wand.

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