The Bottom of Cyrsti's Purse

I have been at this game of throwing my good old billfold in the corner and expanding into a purse for some time now.  I think Spring is coming, so I'm considering my new spring bag but first I had to get brave and stick my hand into the depths of the bag I carry now.

Fortunately, I came out unscathed except for a few old memories resting down there.  One of which was stirred this morning by a dance number by the Radio City Rockette's on television.  My second wife was a huge fan of the Rockette's and of course (unbeknownst to her) not as big as I. So this morning stirred up many bittersweet memories.

Also in my purse, I ran across one of the "feminine hygiene" products I carry as an emergency "prop" for my women's restroom visit's.  As luck would have it this morning, I happened across another post about "securing your restroom pass".  Most of it is not really new territory we haven't covered before here in Cyrsti's Condo but it's never bad to review such an important topic.  All too often I think the subject is treated as one of those "I'm better than you" bitchy tools in our community. Like "ooh I use the pristine women's room all the time" why don't you? Number one Look down before you sit and number two why do we as transgender or cross dressers have to make it some sort of a badge of success?

It's from the "Sister House Blog"  and you can read it here.

Excuse me while I get back to braving the depths of my purse and practicing my dance kicks!


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