"Budget Girl" Make Up!

If you are a beginning cross dresser or a transgender woman hitting the world full time, for any number of reasons, I know many of you just can't afford the pricey make up stores which are popping up everywhere.  I number myself in your ranks, especially now since my make up usage has increased so dramatically.

Now when I see a site which promotes "the best of" Drugstore Foundations, I pause to take a look. It seems I always struggle with a foundation.  Once I find one I believe works well (in my budget) I run into sunburn in the summer and now windburn in the winter as HRT changes my skin. Gallons of moisturizer are my best friend!

Fortunately now, in reasonable weather, I can apply light foundation no matter how I'm dressed and not look like Bruce Jenner.

I'm also lucky the super sized grocery store I shop at has a very good make up selection and they run sales all the time.  I can research the product and then get even a better deal.

This site is a little older but I imagine the information is at the least, a good starting point!  Check it out here.


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