Cyrsti's Condo "Cover Girl" of the Day

Amazing what a little makeup and a change of clothes can accomplish!  Jen Merrill male artistJen Merrill is certainly not a new face around the internet but definitely a refreshing one.  Here is her own "bio":

I'm an artist who enjoys exploring the great gender divide and meeting fellow travelers and fans... While I have been diagnosed as transsexual, I live mostly as a male, venturing out regularly into the world as a woman whenever I'm in the mood. I really don't worry about labels... male, female, impersonator, transgendered, transvestite, crossdresser, androgyne... I'm just me, and my girlfriends all tell me I have a great sense of style and eye for fashion.

You can check her out on Pinterest or on her other sites.  She looks good in black and Googles easily!


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