"Duck Soup Leftovers"

Good or bad, I'm sure "Duck Boy" Phil of Duck Dynasty didn't spend his Christmas tuned into all of his clans old shows.  I mean what could be better than to celebrate the birth of Jesus with such an enlightening message of brotherhood and love which Phil delivered. In the meantime, more comments continue to roll into Cyrsti's Condo about "Duck Boy"...

"Randie Scott" wrote:

You raise some interesting points. I've never watched Duck Dynasty, most likely never will. My reaction to this whole thing is an employer should not be able to fire someone, or so called suspend, because of a personal belief. On the other hand the press didn't waste anytime running with the ball either. It could very well be a publicity stunt.

And Mandy Sherman:

Until the issue arose, I hadn't even heard of the program, and didn't even know what it was. (I must live a sheltered life.) Our television has never been tuned to DD, and never will. Nor do we now, or plan to in the future, buy or use any of their products (I first noticed the bin of DD hats in a nearby Walgreen's last week...). IMHO, this whole unfortunate dust-up certainly has the strong aroma of a big publicity and ratings stunt. And for that reason, we no longer watch anything on A & E, either... Ladies, vote with your wallet, and your remote control....

I know what you all are thinking.  How long is Cyrsti going to keep beating this "dead duck".  For the present, right now but whoever it is has to know when they enter the public arena, they should not be able to use what pulpit they have to bash gays, lesbians and surely we " invisible"  transgender folks who are tossed in the mix.  I have a very good idea of what Duck Boy Phil can do with one of his duck calls.

Hey, it's America and if he has a right to say it, I have a right to blast him.


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