Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Paper"

Hard to believe another week has gone by so fast here in the Condo, as you have probably noticed,  every Sunday I'm trying to set aside a bit of time and catch us up on the week.

To begin with on our weather page, last night's wind chill temperature was a balmy four degrees Fahrenheit. Turns out my "fuzzy boots" were a good purchase!

In sports, both of my "OSU's" won yesterday. The Ohio State University and Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma State because they beat Baylor and pushed the Buckeyes upward in the national rankings.  Next week it's up to Ann Arbor, Michigan and the annual battle with the "Wolverini's"

Nationally, this week marked the 50th anniversary of the death of President John F. Kennedy.  Our tribute here resulted in several really thoughtful comments on his legacy.

Internationally last week marked TDoR, which stands for Transgender Day of Remembrance. In the "Condo" I tied the remembrance in with a reminder about our own security as transgender women and men. And Marcia Hamilton added this comment:

"You are so correct. I have only recently begun going out as myself. It was amazing the transformation I went under with regard to single men, groups of men, and being out after dark. I, like you, am now very safety conscious and do not allow myself to be in precarious situations."

Marcia I believe comments such as yours help to reinforce the ideas of personal security I was attempting to get across.  Too many people I believe take my statements with a grain of salt because I have been out in the world for a respectable space in time.  Those of you who are just getting your transition started in earnest mean more to many! I'm like your Momma jabbering away.

Also I would like to take this occasion to send my sympathies to Draco who visits here. He who lost a transgender friend to suicide this past week. So sad and even more tragic.

In the Entertainment Section, this week, I took the time to drive a bit and catch the 5th grade play my oldest grandson was in. Of course I'm biased and thought he was remarkable but even more remarkable to me is the teacher who put the play together. He makes no secret of the fact he is a very out and public gay man. Even to the point of being a performer in a local drag queen group who have raised over a million dollars for Aids. Times are a changing! Back in the day when I was in school before electric lights, we had teachers we assumed were gay but didn't dare say it.

Finally in the comments section, I would like to thank Linda Marie Daniels for her comment on the "I'm No Angel" post:  "Thanks for sharing this story. I know it must have been difficult to write."  Indeed it was Linda but it was something I felt I need to share for the benefit of all.I appreciate your feedback.

Well, I have to say this post is not going to give the Sunday "New York Times" a run for their money any time soon. At the least though, it's a chance for all of us to share the week and for me to thank all of you for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo!


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