"Passing" Comments

After watching the last video on the Cyrsti's Condo big screen on "passing" , I'm sure I share an initial thought with many of you, "sure it's easy to say all that if you are a natural and essentially don't have to worry about "passing".

With the naivety of youth and the blessing of appearance, she had a tough time "talking" around the points of no we shouldn't have to resort to thousands of dollars worth of pain and countless hours of suffering to have a chance to live as the gender we choose. But the fact remains we have to.

She was also right that if you can get your gender presentation to a point which could be described as "entry level" then your attitude should take over and life should become noticeably easier. Or to put the idea in the format we are writing about, if you are driving a five speed transmission car, when you shift down into fourth gear to pass, fifth gear is when all the fun starts.

Her discussion was a good one though and we all have the problem of "over thinking" this transgender life we are in.  She was simply seeing the bright side without having to experience part of the dark.  Good for her, at least she is thinking the right way.  She just happens to be driving a new Porsche and I have an old Kia. Our gears are different!


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