Hi Ho, Hi Ho It's off to Halloween We Go!

In the Cyrsti's Condo mail slot I found a couple neat Halloween stories including this one from Carol:

"Oh my god this takes me back. I remember the first Halloween I went out dressed. I just loved it! I have always had a joking way about me, so I was pretty sure I could pull it off without too much suspicion. I was looking quite nice, if I do say so myself and I had a couple of guys offer to buy me drinks.

I was in university so free drinks were a good thing haha... however some suspicion was raised when I went to a second party the next night and some of the girls there recognized I was in a different outfit... that was a bit harder to explain... Thanks for writing this Cyrsti, it really brought back some fun memories :)

My pleasure Carol!

I have a similar story which goes back 196 years ago to when I was training for a major restaurant company in Louisville, Ky. The situation was the company was putting me up in a hotel during training and my almost supportive wife wasn't there. I was left unattended and as luck would have it, I actually got Halloween party night off. So I decided what the hell, I would slut it up and hit some of the big straight club parties before I made my way to the big gay venue in town.

Unlike you Carol, no one offered to buy me drinks but I do believe I was felt up under my short skirt by more hands than I ever thought possible. Plus that year I had no worries about running into anyone I knew. I would have to say if I was to do it all over again I think I would have spent more time in the straight venues which turned out to be infinitely more interesting than the gay one. Plus, as you alluded to Carol, there is always the chance a number of people will not guess your true gender in a straight bar Halloween party. In a gay bar everyone knows you are a cross dresser, drag queen or transgender. If you are really creative though and chose a current very popular female star to dress as in a  gay bar, you can have great fun.  I myself have just have never been good enough to work with any of the strong female characters of the day and make a decent costume.  Amy Winehouse and Sarah Palin come to mind as recent examples.

But I do have a creative idea for you and a friend this year on Halloween:
One of you comes as "Honey Boo Boo" complete with tiara and beauty queen sash. Definitely a costume idea for a gay venue! The other can do the drag queen deal on the right and come as two queens or even as Boo Boo's Mom. Just give out samples of toilet paper all night long.


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