I Have a High Sodium Level

I am flat out salty.

Just when I thought I had seen it all with the latest incomprehensible disgusting display of incompetence out of Washington, here comes yet another answer to Fox News... America.Aljazeera.com.

By their own description they are touting themselves as a "Fact-Based, in Depth News Source". Of course they are! And so is Fox!  I did tune in last week and  I was impressed by the wealth of information I didn't know such as:  Native American's not being Christopher Columbus biggest fans or that  transgender peeps get "profiled" by certain American police forces. Really? Earth shattering news to be sure and now I will be waiting for their coverage of progressive transgender movements in the Middle East.

I wonder just what the hell all of you Cyrsti's Condo foreign readers think about what is going on here in the USA.  It's actually very simple, get the government out of the way with stupid shutdowns and incredibly poor leadership and we will be fine.

In the meantime, tune into Aljazeera for a look at a fact based news story based on what you already knew.

I can say one thing.  I'm glad I joined the American Libertarian Party and my Spiro low "T" meds also help control blood pressure.


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