Cyrsti's Condo Mystery Time

A couple months ago, I saw a person out of the corner of my eye who caught my attention. For some reason the gender picture didn't quite fit together. She was a medium sized woman with very stylish highlighted blond hair and from what I could see a fair amount of makeup but nothing overdone. The problem was she had a facial silhouette like mine, too much chin and nose. (I would love to be able to afford FFS.) But what I really noticed was quite possibly she was one of the worst dressed women I had ever seen. I'm fairly sure she was wearing a pair of old striped slacks my Dad threw out in 1971 and an old pair of tennis shoes I threw out five years ago.

I was in shock. I can count on one hand the number of transgender girls or cross dressers I have seen for sure in public. My first thought was, "I couldn't be seeing this person right" and as quickly as I saw her, she was gone.  We were in a huge box store and she seemed to be carrying one of those inventory checkers on her belt so I assumed she may be working there. Maybe she just started and was waiting for a paycheck to add a few clothes (which I understand.) Her Dad would have never missed those pants!

I really didn't give the moment much other thought except I was fairly sure she may be transgender and moved on...  Until a couple days ago when I saw her again. This time I was in a better position to take a better look. She was just ahead of me with a cart and being the "nifty" person I am, I was able to be in position to go by her as she turned into another aisle. She just smiled and said "excuse me" in a voice which could have been shared by half the other hard drinking/hard smoking 40 + women in this town. In other words very low and gravely.  This time she was dressed in a very loose fitting dark blue coverall type jumpsuit which many of the manufacturing people wear around here. Her whole image was very unisexish except the same hair and makeup.

By this time I was sure she was a transgender woman and set out to think why I didn't know her.  Finally my age abused mind came up where I did know her from and it was literally from the 1980's. I live in a town of about 80,000 and it's relatively hard to hide if you are trans and not super presentable. I remembered there was a person I met once who actually worked for the city here in town on trucks doing street work and I used to see working in her coveralls and makeup. That night I remembered her to be in a very tight dress and she was approximately the size of the woman I was seeing now.

At that point in time I was in my bomb shelter type closet and wondered from afar what her story was. The only info I remembered she said she was going to go through SRS at some point.

So now the whole deal  is my own little mystery. Does she still work for the city and that is why she dresses that way? Did she ever go through SRS?  Why does she dress like a guy from the shoulders down in very loose clothes and full makeup and styled hair which I think is hers? Is she wearing a Wonder Woman costume under those clothes and is actually a super hero?

I still don't know and my girlfriend essentially said if I was that nosy then why didn't I speak to her? Truth of the matter is I have always been petrified to talk to a stranger on the street I perceive to be trans. I mean, what if she isn't?

Who knows, the next time I see her I might hitch up my big girl panties and ask! But then again, what would I have to obsess about?


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