My lazy black cat is telling me I'm running out of time to feed her again and get another Halloween experience from long ago and far away posted in Cyrsti's Condo,  before the clock strikes midnight.

This post is a continuation of my years when I had just got out of the Army and landed back home in the mid 70's. Keep in mind, I was coming off of four straight years in college and three in the Army, so I was very uncivilized. These two Halloweens are in that period as I was married to my first "no harm, no foul" wife. Yet another very good way to stay uncivilized.

Liz and I. Witches Ball 2 yrs ago.
On the Halloween in question,  for some reason along the way I had managed to acquire some sort of a black velvet short dress to wear as a "costume". Of course I had every new cross dressers friends - a platinum blond wig and black heels. I remember quite vividly how long it took me to carefully shave my legs, apply my makeup, examine myself in the the door right in front of my wife's younger teenage sister.

Well, she was stunned and I was shocked as I high tailed out the door in my heels to the car.  Before I made it the club I was headed to, I did add one more fashion accessory, a black beret.  Unknowingly my idea was a good one.  Of course I had already applied too much eye makeup and lipstick so the beret covered a large part of my not so convincing blond wig and sort of (with all due respect to the French)  gave me French look of sorts.

At the club, I was having a really good time watch people watch me until this guy comes up to me in a trench coat and full mask and says, "I know who you are." Well, I'm rarely speechless until then when I did blurt out, how could that be?  Could have someone found out my deep dark cross dressing secret?  Well, he kind of did. He said, "You look like your Mom." At that point I narrowed my choices down to a very few people and he finally showed his face.  Turned out he was the older brother of one my friends who I grew up with who had seen me cross dressed.  At that point in time he was probably figuring the "girl phase" of my life when I was young wasn't a phase!

We both went our ways and the night ended with very little other excitement except my heels were killing me and it was time to head home to a very questioning sister in law.

Finally, the comment about my Mom amused me for quite a while.  I do look like her but she would have killed me for wearing that much makeup!


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