It's a "Boo ti Ful" Day in Cyrsti's Condo

Well, it's Boo-ti-ful" in and outside too.  Gray skies, storms and high winds tonight to the extent the kids Trick or Treating my be canceled.

I will have a final "Best of" Halloween experience to pass along, but first a couple comments too:

From Billie: I also got stoned and I certainly did not miss him, either! His was THE message for the times! Especially, "Walk on the Wild Side"! He will be greatly missed by me and hopefully his message will be passed along.

 RIP Lou!!  You are so right Billie, the first time I heard part of the verse which said "shaved his legs and then he was a she" I was driving and about wrecked the car!

Plus a costume idea from Pat:  " I plan to dress and do a bit of a pub crawl for Halloween. One place that I will hit will be having Karaoke tonight. In the past I have done songs such as Lola by the Kinks and Dylan's Just like a Woman but I have shied away from trying "Wild Side". Perhaps tonight?"

Sure why not!!! Just remember the old bar saying, "You can judge how fast the beer bottle is coming at you from the sound of it's whup, whup!"

Finally, under "it's a small world" thought from Paula in the UK:

Oh no, now you have said that you have reminded me of doing my paper round early in the morning when no one else was around, wearing tights (pantihose) and a gym slip which I had "acquired" , If only Id known then what I know now.  You got me on that one, woman!  I don't recall adding the extra "fashion" accessories you did!

Paula, from bathroom wall graffiti to paper "rounds" we seem to share a lot of common history.

As always, thanks for the comments and we will do Halloween in the next post!


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