All right kids, it's time to catch up on a few of the loose ends here in Cyrsti's Condo and in my noggin.

The first concerns my recent barrage of "catfishers" on Facebook. If you haven't heard the term, "catfishers" use a variety of fraudulent measures such as profiles, pictures etc to establish relationships and even get money or gifts. About a month or so ago a message to myself and a group of other transgender women was posted asking if any of the rest of us had noticed an extreme upsurge in men who wanted to be added to our friend lists. At that point in time I hadn't and I believed in an "open gender door". Mainly because the rare men who did befriend me became disinterested quickly when they learned I hated the "gurl" term and I was NOT the desperate lonely  shemale stereotype they desired. The process became a non issue so I resisted changing my profile.

Another reason I didn't change was I don't interact with all that many guys socially but with my previous experience, I find the process highly entertaining at times. Plus I do my best not to be an hypocrite unlike a few of the people I have known on line and in person over the years.  Several loved the NO MEN profile phrase which should have read  "NO MEN- unless you are cross dressed and want to meet in a dark gay venue." I always felt the NO MEN disclaimer was mainly there for the wife in case she stumbled on the profile.

But I digress and all of the sudden I started to get slammed with male "friendship" requests. I heard along the way that at least one of the dirt bags was even using a couple different names and profiles. None of which bothered me because I didn't respond to them anyhow.

My second "not ready for prime time" rant is once again,  I have seen posts on male versus female clothing discrimination popping up. You know the old story, if women can wear guys clothes with no problems in society, why can't a guy wear women's clothing?  We all know the well worn old reasons and they don't rate repeating here, except for the main one. Are you cross dressing for gender expression or as a fashion statement? Big difference!

I have to tell you though "back in the day" I didn't hesitate to use the old worn out "if you wear pants then I should be able to wear a skirt" argument to rationalize my cross dressing.

As much as the next girl I think, if a guy wants to go to the trouble of keeping his legs shaved and working in heels, hose and a skirt.  I would respect his dedication to detail. Go for it dude!