The Principality of "Bitchdom"

Maybe I should have spelled this little "queendom" queendumb. 

No kids, I'm not doing my usual "throwing rocks in glass houses", yes I have been to "Bitchdom".

"Don't make me pull this wig off and bitch slap you with it!"
Where is this place? Well,  I define the location as synthetic. Brought on by synthetic PMS brought on by synthetic hormones.

Allow me to pick up a big rock and heave it here in Cyrsti's Condo/Bitchdom tonight. Very simply I have found recently I'm being patronized on occasion.

I know you have probably seen the "look behind the fake smile" people think they have perfected. It's like they are thinking, first I had to like black people, then gay people and now you?  
No, they really don' t have to like me because I am transgender and worse yet- they think I'm so cool. Has nothing to do with me, it's because they have met a trans woman. They think they are special being  one of the 10% of the population who has met a me or saw a me on television.

Through the years I saw a similar version happen in the restaurants I worked in. All of a sudden it became  so cool to go to a gay dance club for my female crew members.

Truth is I'm not so cool and this doesn't happen to me frequently. Then again anymore,  I'm fortunate to have a nice circle of friends and the same places I go so it shouldn't.   As I have written though, I am starting to expand out into a few "active" organizations, so we will see what the future holds.

Maybe tonight, I just needed something to bitch about and maybe I am cool dammit!