Oh No Canada!

From CBC News Saskatoon:

"A transgender bride who was not allowed to try on wedding gowns at a shop in Saskatoon says she will be filing a formal human rights complaint. Rohit Singh said her experience, at Jenny's Bridal Boutique, deeply affected her, in part because she had higher expectations of Canada. "I like to say Canada is so acceptable [with] equal rights for everyone," Singh told CBC News. "At least they should learn a lesson, so after seeing this no other bridal store — or any store — will do this in the future like they did with me." Saskatchewan's human rights commissioner David Arnot told CBC News Friday any discrimination, whether it is direct or indirect that a transgender person experiences as the result of a store's policy or rule, is still a human rights violation."

I just can't wrap my mind around the thought pattern of not letting this young trans woman at the least spend money with you?????? Then again  I'm assuming this bridal shop is run by women. Over the years, I have experienced much more transphobic behavior from women than men.