Horror Scope!

Yes kids, time does fly by when you are in the "Big Easy" and it's time for another look at the stars! (I know there are a couple of you (Bobbie) who are tying in the Big Easy tag with my morality...stop it :)  )

Libra (September 23 - October 22) Don’t get too detailed with your goals now. While you’ll have reached a new level in your latest pursuit, don’t make too many more plans for the future, as a bunch of variables will pop up and won’t be in line with your ideals. So, save yourself the frustration by just chilling out for now. Instead, sort out where you are and trust when it's time to step it up, the calling will be obvious.

 All kidding aside, this in an incredible look into my near future. Easily the seven days as the real me propelled me to a new transgender level in my life. Yes, I'm definitely sorting my immediate present and future. The calling needs to be obvious though,  because normally I have to be slapped up the side of head to see the light of day.

I will have to turn up my hearing aid and be ready!

**The "Horror Scope" term is my own and you can get your own reading here on theFrisky.


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