Changing of the Transgender Guard

Hard to believe I'm into the 12th month of my HRT and how my gender fluid existence has changed.
Every now and then though I still have to "butch" it up and utilize my disappearing male self.
In the past week I have delivered items I have sold to buyers as Cyrsti's brother.  I'm well aware that more than a couple folks in the trans culture would find this less than acceptable.  Somehow I'm not really transgender but merely a glorified crossdresser. So let me put this disclaimer in- don't really care. It's a tool I can still use to make life just a bit easier.
Here's my point.
As I think back at all the years of torment I felt in my life over my "gender feelings", this is truly a changing of the guard. I still have what's left of a male person to still work for me when I need him. Now I have to worry how he is effecting me not how I was effecting him all those years. Is he going to say or doing anything crazy?
My son in law may have said it best on Thanksgiving, how long will I be able to keep this guy thing going? Obviously not long.  Sometime in late January I have another visit to the HRT hormone doc and if things go well I can step up all my dosages'
I the meantime I can look at the process this way. Perhaps you have heard the saying "paybacks are a bitch" well in this case "paybacks are a guy" and he owes it to me.