Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Changing of the Transgender Guard

Hard to believe I'm into the 12th month of my HRT and how my gender fluid existence has changed.
Every now and then though I still have to "butch" it up and utilize my disappearing male self.
In the past week I have delivered items I have sold to buyers as Cyrsti's brother.  I'm well aware that more than a couple folks in the trans culture would find this less than acceptable.  Somehow I'm not really transgender but merely a glorified crossdresser. So let me put this disclaimer in- don't really care. It's a tool I can still use to make life just a bit easier.
Here's my point.
As I think back at all the years of torment I felt in my life over my "gender feelings", this is truly a changing of the guard. I still have what's left of a male person to still work for me when I need him. Now I have to worry how he is effecting me not how I was effecting him all those years. Is he going to say or doing anything crazy?
My son in law may have said it best on Thanksgiving, how long will I be able to keep this guy thing going? Obviously not long.  Sometime in late January I have another visit to the HRT hormone doc and if things go well I can step up all my dosages'
I the meantime I can look at the process this way. Perhaps you have heard the saying "paybacks are a bitch" well in this case "paybacks are a guy" and he owes it to me.

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