Trans Layers

Even though I have been heavily involved in research of the transgender community, I'm always amazed how much more I'm missing.
This morning a link to B.O.I.S Will Be Blogging Bois. appeared in my email.
Of course many aspects of the transgender man and masculine identified women culture are familiar to me.
But many aren't, so my interest is always heightened when I have a chance to read more:

"One year ago, Latania McKenzie sat down at her computer and with a few clicks started putting into action a dream she’d had for years — a blog that caters to masculine-identified women as well as to transgender men. Named Queer B.O.I.S., the blog espouses the values McKenzie, 30, and her partner and blog co-founder, Taliba, aspire to in their professional and personal lives. While B.O.I.S. is meant to quickly identify its target audience, the letters also have meaning: Business, Opulence, Investment and Style. McKenzie, 30, moved to Atlanta 12 years ago from Belgium. She likes to shop in the men’s department and has a deep affection for pocket squares and bow ties. She said the blog is meant to bring visibility to a community that is often overlooked in the media. And while her first name is Latania, she prefers to just be called McKenzie. “When I walk down streets I see a lot of people look who look like me that are masculine presented. We shop in the men’s department or mix our clothing with women’s clothes. But there is not really a focus on us in media,” she says. “We make money, too. And the media should advertise to us and notice us. What I want people to know is we are not average. Don’t dismiss us,” she says. And that’s why B.O.I.S. and what the letters stand for is more than an identity, McKenzie says. It’s a way of life."

As always, I'm giving you a glimpse here.  Follow this link for more!