Tis the season! Here is another Cyrsti's Condo Halloween post from the past:

" In my own part of the world, Halloween is the second biggest holiday behind Christmas. It is absolutely HUGE! I was searching through some of my older posts for Halloween stories. Of course the season is a prime time to sneak out of the closet or even out yourself in the process. If you recall one of my earlier posts, I mildly outed myself after one memorable Halloween party in the Army of all places. In those days "transgender" wasn't even a word and I admitted to a fondness for women's clothes to several close friends. For you girls who I will refer to as "accomplished closet dwellers"; when you do head out, someone will notice how accomplished you are! By the way, I meant nothing at all negative about the comment. I understand the closet well!!!! What I meant was you have achieved an attractive female persona that no one else has seen. If you decide to attend a party with friends and or acquaintances, they will notice you girl! The solution of course, is to go to a party or a club where no one knows you. Of course, I've done it both ways. I timed a couple "business" trips to be out of town and out at a couple big Halloween parties at straight clubs. Quite a rush! On the other hand I took the compliments and the questions in stride when I attended parties with people I knew. A typical question was "don't your legs itch since you shaved them... but you really have great legs!"


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