MO Trans Mail

OK, kids one more "official post" on the Nat Geo generated piece I wrote.
"Miz" I think we are on the same page more than both of us realize and I will be happy happy to carry on the conversation in the regular "comment" section under each post. The way the blog "platform" works you just have to go back to the original post to view it...or any or all of you can email me:
Before I go to "Miz"'s comments, here is one from Jamie:

"For a certain group out there, that considers themselves "real" women, you can only be a "transsexual" if you are young and pretty. Just like how some men only pay attention to women if they are young and pretty. It has not been explained to me how "women" treating other women this way is not as "sexist" as men doing it, but I suspect it is because it is still "men" doing it."

From Miz:  "OK look Transsexual, Transgender, they are two totally different things. Neither of which is bad nor good, they just are. But somewhere along the line transgender got stretched into one size fits all umbrella term uniting two totally different things into one big confusing hodgepodge. A hydra of misinformation that in effect has the occasional cross dresser being exactly the same as the young girl who must correct her sex or quite literally die, different only by degree... That's utter BS! It's like calling turtles and hawks the same because they both have hearts and warm blood!"

I agree TOTALLY with both of you and have been screaming about this for years after being trashed time and time again for how I identified.

More Miz:

"Now you know how it is I feel! Why I cringe every single time someone who is not transsexual is out there using us to put a good spin on themselves or "educating" the public about this great fallacious spectrum... But if I say that we are different, that this is not the face of transgender, I am called a hater and an elitist and a transphobe. YOU on the other hand can say the exact same thing and suddenly none of those things apply! No, you are just defending yourself and those like you from negative publicity..."

Perhaps, Miz. you haven't been around here long. I rarely throw stones in the glass trans house
 BUT I personally covet any positive information concerning the transgender culture we can get. It's true the transsexuals and fringe element types such as the body builder on Nat Geo do get the press-and dammit the enormous amount of time I have spent building my life as a transgender woman means the world to me...
and dammit I do resent the whole idea of being called Taboo by Nat Geo to start with I guess you can call me all of the above...or you can call me a realist. I know the world as I face it day to day and I need all the help I can get...not another Jerry Springer moment on Nat Geo or anywhere!